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Before I went into the hospital, I stepped on a peice of glass. I don't think the doctors at the hospital paid much attention to my foot, because I think there might be a fragment left in there. Last night there was a sharp pain in my foot. I don't care so much about the pain, but it seems like the world keeps trying to remind me of a big mistake that I made.
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I'm fucking tired of getting lied to.

Ugh, I barely did anything on my to-do list this weekend.

The other night I cried because I felt lonely. Last night I cried because I felt so brittle, and skinny, and gross. I cried a couple of minutes ago because I was lied to.

Today has been a wasted day.
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Mar and I finished painting my room. She has all of my new furniture and stuff so I can't put any of my crap back. The neighbours porch light shines through my window, and I don't know where my eye pillow/mask/shade thing is.



Feb. 2nd, 2008 12:16 pm
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I hate the sound of my sisters voice. Today isn't any better than yesterday. I'm shaking like crazy. The Harpy is coming over tomorrow.



Feb. 1st, 2008 05:53 pm
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I cried hysterically for the first time in a while today. Things keep getting worse. My nerves are... I dunno, all over the place. I'm having trouble breathing, but I always get like this when I'm distressed. Breathless, hot, itchy, etc.

This is my schedule for school:
Period 1 - Marketing *
2 - English
3 - Visual Arts *
4 - Some kind of Math, still not sure what.

* - My guidance counsellor put me in this class, because she didn't know where else to put me. It's a real upper.



Oct. 12th, 2005 08:25 am
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Okay, I was at the bus stop (which is 6 blocks away from my house), got on the bus. Then I got off of the bus, three blocks away from the stop. Why you ask? Because I forgot something important at home. So I had to walk all of the way back home... in the rain.

So now I'm missing first period (going back for second), which is Science, which is something I need for my future. Guess what? Last year when I was creating my schedule for this year, I filled in what I thought was a extra science course, because that's what it sounded like in the booklet. Turns out, it is a cosmotology course... FUCK! So now I have to redo my stupid schedule!


Hugs and Puppies,
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It's ironic that in my last post I was listening to "Nosebleed" by The Deftones. Today during second period (art) I was minding my own business, doing my assignment, then all of the sudden I felt wetness coming down my nose. Luckily I got to the bathroom before any blood could spill out. I spent five minutes in the damn bathroom.

When I walked into school this morning there were women all around the property, they were giving out anti-abortion papers, and carried around big signs. I believe a girl should be able to do what she feels is best for her body. Plus, what if she was raped or wasn't able to carry a child? The only time I don't agree w/ it is when the girl knew what she was getting into (having sex w/out protection), then she should take responsibility (and of course the boy).

I didn't get to eat anything today (until I got home), I was so hungry. Then of course I had to walk home (by myself because my bitch friends said they would walk w/ me but disappeared... bitches), in the hot weather, w/ no water. Yes I'm a real sob story aren't I (ad for Bend it Like Beckham tee hee hee...)... Just kidding, there are people w/ much more problems.

Anyway, as soon as I got home I felt faint, and quickly ran over to the couch where I passed out. I woke up about an hour later, feeling refreshed. Then I ate a big snack. Really big. Basically an early dinner (except I can't cook), and I'm still hungry. Food smells pretty *looks towards the direction of the kitchen*.

I finally listened to all of the Garbage (self-titled) cd. I love it all, save 3 songs. Now I have to listen to Version 2.0. I've heard the other two cds (BeautifulGarbage, and Bleed Like Me).
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Date: Mar. 23, 05
Time: 7:52pm
Happy About: I finally get to re-do that ugly room of mine in a beautiful navy blue, and get my computer back in there
Sad About: another day of school tomorrow, w/ 2 tests
Talking: to myself
Contacts: a whole bunch
Doing: typing, music, breathing...
Wanting: another break away from school
Tasting: blood... I dunno why... scary...
Reading: Tale of the Body Theif by Anne Rice
Mood: confused, angry
Lyrical: Auf Der Maur - Taste You {Auf Der Maur}
Fetish: The Red by Chevelle! I need soooooooo much to hear this song!
Show Of The Moment: Was watching Ellen a few hours ago
Film Of The Moment: Chicago, watched it before school
Affiliate Of The Moment: n/a
Person Of The Moment: The lead singers of both My Chemical Romance (Gerard), and The Used (Bert). - a Chevelle music blog

Comments: At the time a friend and I were obsessed with the Used and MCR and we thought Bert and Gerard were related. Because they and the bands seem so much alike...


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