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A few nights ago, I had a dream about Amy Winehouse. She was in a bird sanctuary or something, and an owl attacked her. She went to bed to recouperate with a cat on her lap. I don't know how much of a cat person she was, but she seemed content.

Also, my heart goes out to the people in Norway.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Yes. Last night I dreamed that blue slime was attacking people and making them more classy and well-behaved. I was immune to it, along with some other people. At first, the "changed" people would chase us and try to lock us up, we escaped by using the old jump out of a window and into a dumpster method. They ended up tolerating us, but didn't give us jobs because we were considered to be neanderthals. Also, my cat turned into a leprechaun and fell over.

As for the last question, I used to think I was having recurring dreams, but sometimes I think my dream tricks me into thinking it happened before.
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But I understand, some crazy stuff happened yesterday.

Then, on top of that the previous intern/receptionist called and was all "Find this for me, and fax it all now" (sort of). My boss said he could wait. Ha!

The other previous intern came in yesterday also.

It was a stressful afternoon, and Monday will be crazy. I walked home.

Ugh, had another dream set in highschool. I could not get my lock on my locker open, and people were treating me like shit. I gave them a peice of my mind and left them all with their jaws on the floor. Still, it was a stressful dream. I do not want to dream about highschool!
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With applying for school. I will not be going in September. At least I didn't pay. Maybe I'll take night courses instead. I don't care if they take longer, and I think they are cheaper. I did not have any of this crap really planned out, because I didn't think I would be here. Ugh.

I know I should ask about getting my internship extended if they do not find another intern in time. Even if one came in next week, I do not think I could train them in two weeks. The last time I did anything close to training, was probably grade seven when we went to the kindergarten classes to help them with their reading and writing. I think I did a horrible job. That poor little girl is probably as illiterate as a glue gun now because of me.

I went into my bosses (boss'?) office yesterday and she said something like "You only have two weeks left" and smiled. I didn't mention anything about the lack of a new intern, nor did she. So I'm starting to think that she doesn't care if she is without an assistant for a while, as long as I'm gone. I'm very paranoid, but I really do not think she likes me at all. Ah well. I'm just going to see where the path leads. Or something.

Had a crappy dream set in highschool last night, even though I haven't been in highschool for about a year. Will these highschool dreams go on forever? At least I haven't been dreaming about falling or getting raped.
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Nothing at all interesting has been happening lately. I start my classes tomorrow. That's all.

Had a dream that Beyonce started a cult and I joined.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Sometimes I think that I'm having a recurring dream, but then I look back at it and think Dream-Me is just telling me I had this dream before. Most of the time they are okay. Maybe it's just the mood that seems familiar.
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[ profile] jr__nal of course. People post some lovely things on there. Some links may be wrong, but here are some other ones: [ profile] foto_decadent, [ profile] wtf_history, [ profile] wtf_nature, [ profile] saucydwellings. I think there is one called urban decay where people post photos of... urban decay. What I'd like to see, is a dream community. I love writing down my dreams. I don't care about interpretation, dreams are just so weird and cool. I searched for a dream community a while ago, but it was mostly inactive.
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I keep having dreams that I'm still in high school. That's so mean.

Sometimes I dream I'm late for school, then when I wake up I freak out. Although some of my school dreams are funny. Like the one with that student eating demon.
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At my sisters place. We're having Christmas here this year. I'm on potato peeling duty. 10 pounds of them. We take the mashed potatos (potatoes?) seriously. I had a dream that Mar woke me up to start peeling while it was dark out. Then I woke up for real and it was light out. I actually thought for a moment that I had slept in and we would have to have instant mashed potatoes (potatos?).

I'm the only one up here, and I'm sure everyone at my house is also asleep.

I'm not used to this lap top keyboard.
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I won't go into the details of this dream, it's long.

I was in prison, and this group of people jumped me. They branded me because my cousins great great great great great grandfather was the slave of some guy to was related to some person or something. They branded a V or something on the left side of my stomach above my hip bone. It was about the size of a quarter, but still hurt like hell.

Also in the prison: my mom, and some people that went to school w/ me. Also characters from OZ: Miguel, Simon & Poet. It was a weird mixed (men and women, adults and teens) prison with comfy couches, and people who branded V's on you. So, not as bad as Oz. Miguel was sent to solitary or the hole or something so he wouldn't try to save me from being branded.

Skip a few details, I was being let out of prison. I was waiting in line for my possessions. Simon was there too, like on the show he is crazy as fuck. He wasn't being paroled though. Anyway, I get to the front of the line, and a woman CO looks at me weird. I show her a bottle of vodka that another CO gave me. She nods and says "Oh yeah, Jessica _________. Here's your stuff".

She hands me a deck of tarot cards. Or at least pictures of tarot cards that were printed off of the Internet. I ask "Is this it?". She says "Yes". I ask her if I could schedule a visit with Miguel, she laughs and says something that I can't remember. I leave. She didn't mention anything about a parole officer, and I don't even know why I was in prison.

I go outside and put the tarot deck in my pocket. I thought of sending Miguel the vodka, but decided it wouldn't be a good idea. I don't know what happened to the bottle. I pass Poet on my way out. He's in a hospital gown (possibly has an IV), and is wearing plastic bags on his feet. That made me realize that I wasn't wearing shoes.

I noticed that the prison was in a urban area for some reason... I decide to buy some shoes. But then I think "Do any of these stores sell shoes? Would I be allowed into the store without shoes?". I don't even know if I had enough money to catch a bus, let alone buy shoes. I didn't know if Cockroach and Drunkard still lived in the house, or if my sister was still living in her apartment.

I forgot all of this when I realized my high school was near by. I went to the school and went inside. It was a bit rundown, probably has something to do with being near a prison. I went into a room. In the room were: a certain VP (who was dressed like a doctor for some reason), Mr. Social Issues Teacher (who didn't recognize me), Shia Labeouf, and Cody (a kid from school). Shia and Cody (who looked a lot older) both had babies in strollers with them. So I knew that I had been in prison for about a year at least.

When the boys left (w/ their babies), Mr. VP turned to me, and we spoke about stuff I can't remember. To make him feel guilty, I showed him the V. He seemed turned on by it and touched it, it was still sore. Then he started kissing me.

Then I was in a hallway looking for my locker. It had been left alone while I was in prison, and the hallway it was in was cleaner than the others. I was about to open it when I heard a wierd noise. No one else was in the hallway, but it was close. I ran out a near by door. I assumed that the noise came from a monster that stalked the hallway looking for students to eat. There was no one in the streets, so I guessed that the neighbours knew.

A group of students came around the side of the school. A girl said something to me like "The teachers can't control the goddess". I decided that the faculty performed a spell to help out the school, but accidently summoned a demon. To appease the demon, they locked out a couple of students each day. She then told me, that they left the back door open and that we'd be safe in the gym (in real life, the gyms are on the second floor).

Then the demon came out, and it was ugly as fuck. We ran and were able to get into the gym. Except for a boy that the demon pounced on and devoured. I had the urge to pull a sword out of nowhere and chop off the demons head, but I woke up.

I had another dream set in a cemetary, and another in my neighbourhood, but I barely remember them.

Dec. 18

Dec. 18th, 2008 06:14 pm
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My sister had to work today (her birthday). :(

The night sky looks so weird when it's snowing.

We got yearbooks, they look cool this year.

Inmates from Oz keep showing up in my dreams: Schillinger, Miguel, Hill, Said, and the O'Riley brothers.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]No, but you can expect people to repeat history.

Although one time, I had a dream that I was going to wear a pair of pants I thought went missing in the basement, and the next day I pulled them out of the dryer. OMG! I'm psychic.

It's hard for me to post things on here anymore. Hence all of the writer blocks.

Creepy fuck

Dec. 1st, 2008 06:17 pm
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Now I have to take the more crowded bus that I can't even sit down in, and walk up a hill which will soon be covered with snow. Why? Because some creepy fuck hangs around the other bus stop. Fucking assholes.

In lighter news. Most of the times in my dreams, I'm a real shitty driver. But in last nights dream, I was driving a secret service car, and I did it very well. Very surprising, I thought I was going to crash into a building or something, but it went very smoothly.
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I was a young nun, or a new nun, I don't know if they have a special name. While I and three other girls were only allowed to eat rice cakes (or something), the head nun got big cinnamon rolls.
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1. Getting raped, or almost getting raped
2. I keep having dreams about having to fend off an intruder by myself, and it sometimes leads to number one.
3. Falling. I mentioned it in another post. I know I'm safe in a bed, but somehow it feels so real.
4. Not as serious, but I keep having dreams about being late for school, or missing it. If you knew about my history with... school, then you would unterstand how much these types of dreams suck.

Whenever I wake up from these dreams, I'm very stiff, and my heart beats rapidly. It takes me a while to calm down.

Poor Mar

Aug. 16th, 2008 01:14 pm
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Her car is causing her big problems.

My dreams are now mocking me it seems.


Aug. 13th, 2008 11:02 pm
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Falling in a dream is very unpleasant.
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I dreamed I had to save another persons ass. I was downtown w/ KaShawna & TaSha, and some crazy guy grabbed TaSha & ran off. She didn't try to defend herself, so Shawna went to save her. I couldn't get to them because we were in a big crowd.

So I ran about the city looking for them, and I found this huge house. I knew it was the right place. A woman came out & told me that her son was in there w/ Shawna, & she wasn't happy about it. Either she didn't approve of him having girls in the house, or she was racist because Shawna is black. Or both. I doubt she cared that he had kidnapped her, because she wouldn't allow me to get her. I don't know what happened to TaSha.

I saw KaShawna (recognized her pink shirt) through a window on the second, third or fourth floor. I pulled a wand out of my purse and pointed at the window, and yelled something. The glass fell out of the window. Then I yelled something again, and KaShawna floated down from the window, to where I was.

Then I pointed the wand at everyone in the area, and yelled "obliviate!", to erase their memories. Then Shawna & I ran off.

If only I had a magic wand in my other dreams. Wouldn't have to do so much running.
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I keep having dreams where I'm left to fend for myself. Sometimes Queenie is w/ me. One dream included those vampire thingies from Blade II whose chins split open.

Anyway, last nights dream, the world was ending. People were attacking eachother with metal spiky disk things. I was trying to find my family who were shacked up in some bar somewhere.
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I often know that I'm dreaming, and I heard that if you do, you can take control of your dream. So I tried it last night:

Was the first day of school and I was walking through the hallways. I noticed that like in most of my dreams, the lockers are not red like in reality. After I thought that, many of the lockers turned red. I thought "Hm, I wonder if I can take control of my dream". I like my dreams as they are, but I think it would be cool if they did what I wanted once in a while.

So I tried to turn around and began flailing my arms. I ended up falling over, and getting a nosebleed (in the dream of course).



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