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Oh my gawd, I could go to sleep right now. She is so overwhelming and she sets off my sisters. Thankfully, I am now alone and in peace. That's all I can say for now. One day I want to write or type more on my feelings about Harpy, but I don't have the energy. It aint a prper family get-together without tears I guess.
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I got my sister into Curb Your Enthusiasm. She was a teenager from 1993-1998, and was a big Alanis Morissette fan. So when we watched the episode with Alanis in it, she got all giggly and fangirly. It was so cute. Usually she's like Oscar the Grouch.
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Recently, Harpy told us that she went to see A Clockwork Orange when it came out. She would have been 35 and went with her cousin. If you knew this woman, you would be "OMG, she went to see an x-rated movie that was banned (I think) in several countries!" She said they were too embarrassed to talk about it afterwards. This is a woman who refuses to buy a Dirt Devil vacuum.


Oct. 4th, 2013 05:45 pm
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Harpy has been gone since Sunday, but she didn't leave without getting a few jabs in first. She is no longer talking to me, but I certainly don't mind.

More importantly, my sister has two kittens! So cute, one has those opposable thumbs, I forget the proper term.
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Harpy has been staying with us since Wednesday night. I haven't cried yet, so I guess it's been going well. There was only one night where she was her regular bitchy self.

Being in London was a bit disorienting (is that a word?). I haven't been in a city that was not attached to the Detroit River in a long time.
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And I still do not have much to say. Or rather, I'm not as comfortable as I was posting things online. Also, I haven't had internet for a while.

Harpy had triple by-pass surgery yesterday. I didn't have any bad vibes about it. I don't know if that's my instincts being right, or if I lack compassion and don't care. The fact that I still call her Harpy when she's going through this is something to think about. I guess I love her, but she certainly makes it difficult. She's doing fine, she's a hearty dame.

I got a library card. I used to say "I can't read a book if I don't own it", but I'm buried in the books I do own. I don't think I'll ever be able to make the switch to tablet reading though.

Right now I'm reading "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" (1940) by Carson McCullers. It's depressing, but good.
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I had to deal with something quite absurd today. A waste of two hours from my life. My sister, is so ugh! Ugh is a word in my vocabulary. It is another word for: stupid, ridiculous, irritating, infuriating, etc. It can even be a short form of "WTF OMG WHY?" Sometimes eye rolling may accompany this word. It can be used when I have no words to describe my feelings, or am too tired to.

In other news, Harpy told Mom she will be coming over for Christmas. I will not too put much stock into it yet. She has a tendancy to cancel within 10 days of events such as Christmas. She did this last Christmas, and I have not spoken to her since. I will not have her negativity in my life.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Don't mix your alcoholic beverages.
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I'm living with a bunch of drama queens. M is moving into a new house (good, the lady she is living with now seems like a bitch and charges her too much for that tiny room). I wish I could move in with her, but I wouldn't be able to pay half the rent, and I would not move in for less.
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Last night Cockroach and Drunkard got into a fight over something too stupid to post. She asked Beast and I if she was hard to get along with. I said that being around her, made me want to slit my wrists. She didn't take it very well.

Also, Beast has begun speaking with Harpy again. It's disappointing.

Saw Black Swan today, was great.
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A while ago I posted about how my sister (who I refer to as Cockroach) is obsessed with some guy. Today I came home and she was crying, apparently he sent her an "evil" email. So now she's claiming he's a meth addicted cult leader who abuses his mother (among other things). This is not as para-phrased as it sounds. My sister is really messed up, though that isn't saying much if you considered the whole family.

In other news, Harpy rejected her Christmas presents, my birthday is in two days, hers is on the 2nd.

It has been a good day though.

Oh well

Dec. 27th, 2010 05:13 pm
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We still haven't heard from Harpy. Apparently, she is ignoring M's phonecalls. It was funny that M was the only one Harpy was talking to for a while. When I was 12, they had a huge fued. When Harpy got really angry with me once, she purposely called me by M's name like it was a swear word. She acts so childishly (is that a word?).
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It turns out that there was nothing really wrong with M's car, she just forgot to put it on park or something. She was really embarassed. Also, Harpy never called her. All this good news and the friggin' Christmas spirit are crumbling my resolve on the Harpy Boycott issue. Ugh.
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They are mostly going fine, except I'm never speaking to Harpy again. The last time she was in this house was Christmas 2009. She usually goes on about how she's not coming over for a holiday, and then last minute she calls and says "Pick me up". Until after Christmas 2009 that is, she just stopped showing up all together. It was fine by me.

Everytime we are at her apartment, tension builds and like Cockroach says: "It's agony". We all turn against eachother to keep her negative attention off of us. When she cuts one of us up, the others keep quiet. I'm surprised I have never burst into tears (at least not since I was 10 maybe). Then when we leave, we breathe easier and feel more alive. After being on the phone with her, we actually feel physically drained.

Last night, my sister M was running errands (which included buying Harpy groceries apparently) but her car broke down. I guess she forgot to tell this to Harpy. At 8 (ish) this morning, Harpy called here and started bitching loudly at Beast about how she's done with everything and that she's not coming over for Christmas, and then hung up, like a child. Actually, she's the only person I've ever known personally that hangs up on people. No offense to children. She must have called M also, because we called her to ask about her car and she was crying. She couldn't stay on the phone because she was at work. It was her birthday on Saturday.

So I am done with that bitch. If she does end up coming over for Christmas, I'm staying in my room, I've had worse Christmases anyway. No one in our family seems to truly like the holiday anyway. If she doesn't, than good. I turn 20 in ten days and I'm no longer going to let her control me with fear and guilt and all of that shit. I almost want to send her a letter saying "I am sure Jesus will forgive you for the pain you have caused us, but I will not." But I wont because then she'll probably have an "accident" and complain how no one was there for her.

Anyway, I'm not as angry about it anymore. Except for the phonecall, depressed mother and crying sister, it's been a good day. Not that different from any other day.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm not a 100% sure, my memory is very foggy. But I absolutely hate it when my mom or older sister (M) talked for me. Oh, and in 2002, my other sister (P) got a mullet and came to pick me up at school. Now I'm remembering stuff. M was picking me up from school, and I pointed out a girl who had made fun of my Pocahantas sweater (grade one), and the girl was with a friend. My sister walked up to the (wrong) girl and started yelling at her.
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I am thankful for the fact that Harpy will not be here today. Everything is so tense when she is around. We do not need her bitchy comments.
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I think my sister has this, and maybe this. And maybe a little dementia caused by a car accident she was in where she went through the windshield.

At least she is no longer singing music I actually like at the top of her lungs. She can't do damage to songs that already annoy me. She's convinced the guy she's semi-stalking has cancer, but doesn't want to put her through the pain of watching him deteriorate. Maybe he does have cancer, but I don't think he even remembers her. Hence the first link. Sometimes she scares the shit out of me and I fear for my own safety, like someday she's going to stab us in our sleep for not answering her questions about her "true love" the exact same way we did ten million times before.

Once when I was little, she said that my other sister had stabbed her in the heart. I asked my mom about this, and she looked at me all confused, but didn't do anything about it. I'm afraid of bringing it up to my psychotic sister, she will deny it like crazy and yell at me and slam things. Everyone treats me like a horrible villain, I'm not the one making up horrible lies to turn someone against someone else. I take blame for the bad things I do. I do live in a fantasy world, but I don't try to force the people around me to live in it to. Whenever mom finally stands up and says "I don't want to answer your questions anymore", Cockroach threatens to confront the guy she's stalking and stomps out of the room.

She stopped seeing this social worker lady, because the woman had the balls to say "Are you sure he even knows who you are?". Cockroach hasn't seen this guy since maybe September. And before that, she only really saw him in passing (except when she went to his concerts, he's in a local band, though apparently he's not performing much because he's so sick) and probably only spoke with him for a few minutes at a time.

Anyway, I meant for this post to be funny but that didn't work out. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Or bullshit pile. Yay funny again.


Mar. 15th, 2010 04:32 pm
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Dog was sprayed in the face by a skunk. I'm getting a nice amount of money back from EI. I listened to the song I mentioned in the post below, was kind of disappointed, the lyrics are still fun though. Nothing much. At least nothing that I want to type here.

We're going to go see The Crazies tonight, sounds better than I had expected. Want to see the original. The title sounds so perfect for a seventies horror movie.
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Cockroach has been singing "Sombody Kill Me" from The Wedding Singer over and over again. I actually love that song, but oh my gawd.

She's also been singing a little diddy called "Love Me Dead", I haven't actually heard it yet, but the lyrics sure seem interesting. Something like "Fill my sould with vomit... something about gum... your my sugar plum...", I dunno, it's on my to-do list.
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I am not too fond of getting blamed for things here, and at home. Sometimes when it happens here, I start thinking "Holy crap, maybe I did do it."

Watched an Orson Welles movie called "The Trial". There's a part where Anthony Perkins is telling someone about how when he was in school, when the teacher was pissed off about something and was looking for the guilty party, he started believing it was him. Or something, I am horrible at explaining things.

Anyway, it's a weird movie and you should see it if you like weird like me. A lot of movies from the 60's were weird because they were getting more experimental and didn't have to censor as much. Also I think the writers and directors were all trying out drugs.

Off topic. I think I have a complex. There must be a name for it.


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