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The other day, I burned the pages of my four high school yearbooks. I kept the covers... They were kind of nice. The pages on the other hand, had to go. Why would I want to keep them? I no longer converse with anyone I knew then. There was only one picture of me in each of them.

The only reasons I took them home from school:
1. I hoard books
2. I wanted to draw on faces

Reasons to burn them:
1. Waste of space
2. Recycle bin was full
3. Some of the things I wrote beside people I didn't like were negative. I do not need any extra negativity
4. Possible catharsis? Since I chopped these books up a few weeks ago (it has rained a lot), I don't think I have had as many high school related dreams as usual. The ones I have had, haven't been too bad.
5. Bonfire in the back yard!

It was fun.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I was a punky hooker fairy. The only way my wings would work is if I snorted fairy dust, which was very expensive, so I had to turn tricks. It was really last minute, luckily I had those lime green fairy wings in my closet.


Oct. 26th, 2009 10:43 am
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Halloween is coming up, here are some horror movies I want to see, in no order:

1. Suspiria (1977) - I also want to see Dario Argentos other movies.

2. Hills Have Eyes, The (1977) - I didn’t like the remake, but I heard the original was very good.

3. Halloween (1978) - They never show this on tv, only the sequels and remakes, what is up with that?

4. Hitcher, The (1986)

5. Les Diaboliques (1955)

6. Faust (1926)

Since Friday, I have felt like shit because I did something so stupid. There are about 79 days left of this internship, I can't wait.
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On the way to work I saw some Graffiti Knitting on two bike stands.
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"He's no wiser than a dunk horse!"

One of my coworkers quoting a client.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Sit in the shade and read. Walk along the river with a friend. Ice-cream. Cool movie theatres.

When I was little, playing in a sprinkler or "pool" was pretty big. I usually didn't go to Waterworld, because I couldn't really swim, and they made a rule against wearing t-shirt over bathing suits, which Chantel and I did often. Also, have a nighttime bonfire, which is illegal now.
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[ profile] jr__nal of course. People post some lovely things on there. Some links may be wrong, but here are some other ones: [ profile] foto_decadent, [ profile] wtf_history, [ profile] wtf_nature, [ profile] saucydwellings. I think there is one called urban decay where people post photos of... urban decay. What I'd like to see, is a dream community. I love writing down my dreams. I don't care about interpretation, dreams are just so weird and cool. I searched for a dream community a while ago, but it was mostly inactive.
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She's so cute!

It was "The Landloard" with Will Ferrel, Adam Mckay and his daughter. SO CUTE!
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[Error: unknown template qotd]My sister is loud
I might kill her in her sleep
Damn this gene pool. Ugh.

Yay for eighties songs
Don't you forget about me
Shoulder pads are bad
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"Now I'm gonna do a butt massage!"

- Paula Dean

She's awesome.
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Comes from the show True Blood.

"Your hair is like a sunrise after a bomb goes off."

May be off a few words.
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He designed shoes with spikes coming out of the toe. Imagine wearing those when a guy grabs your ass. Ouch.
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On Friday, Ellen DeGeneres had a monologue about alarm clocks, and it made me think of these two clocks I read about:

1. When the alarm goes off, the clock leaps off of the table and rolls across the room. So you have to get up to turn it off.

2. It has four puzzle pieces, and when the alarm goes off, they fly into the air. Then you have to put them back onto the clock to turn it off.
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This makes me want to start watching "American Idol". It's Gladys Knight singing "Midnight Train to Georgia" with Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. Gladys is great, I wouldn't be able to sing without laughing.

I've always loved this song.

Edit: okay, I'm slow. Apparently Gladys is just archival (sp?) footage.
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Today is the Beasts surgery.

Below the cut is a video for "Fuck the Pain Away" by Peaches. I dunno, it's just kind of funny.

Caution )


May. 25th, 2008 11:51 am
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Last night I had one of the worst headches ever. I get a lot of headache, so sometimes I get freaked out and start thinking I have a brain tumor. One of my teachers told me about her stepdaughter who had a brain tumor. It was in the back of her head, but tentacle like things wrapped around her brain. That's so sad, she was seven.

Sometimes when my headaches get really bad I can't get that image out of my head. It hurt so much I started crying. Which obviously doesn't help. The headache is gone, but my my neck hurts. Ugh.

Last night I had a dream that a dog was attacking me. Not fun. It was one of those dreams where you can feel the pain (ex. the dog was ripping my hand apart), and I woke up at around 2am, and my hand still hurt.

Two nice youtube videos that cheered me up )
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So in first period yeasterday we had to do power point presentations on inventions. One boy did cellphones. When he got to his last slide, there was a picture of a half naked girl. It turns out two of his friends put it there to mess with him. It was hilarious. Mr C was trying to be angry, but he was laughing too. I didn't get to hear what he said to them, because the damned bell rang.

two quizzes )

The Zipper

Jan. 5th, 2008 11:33 am
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I miss the Zipper. I only went on it once with Chantel, I think I was 12. That was the best part of the day, because we weren't able to buy enough tickets. I actually found the ride very relaxing, Chantel screamed a bit. I don't think they have the Zipper at Winder carnivals anymore.

Yon know, I haven't been to a carnival at night for YEARS. I vaguely remember going to one with my mom, and we went on the ferris wheel. I think. I get a lot of my early memories mixed up with dreams so I don't know.

I would love to go to a carnival/festival (especially at night), but I don't have anyone to go with. I don't have any friends. I guess I could try with TaSha, but I can never make plans with her, she's unreliable. I've learned not to depend on her.

I don't know what brought this all up, especially in January.


Jul. 2nd, 2006 07:34 am
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*Bangs head on keyboard for no apparent reason*

Ah my throat hurts.

Sometimes I think about staying a virgin forever, so I don't have to visit a gynecologist. Of course I wont though. But everything I hear about the "gyno" sounds terrible! *whines*

Didn't get to see the fireworks yesterday. I was looking forward to them *sad face*. The last time I saw fireworks was July 28th, and before that was a couple of years. *sniff sniff*. I made an entry in my Xanga about it, which goes by angelicmobster also. I love fireworks.

Soy un Perdedor


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