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I wish I could be one of those girls who fill their livejournals with cryptic (but well written) thoughts and snippets, sometimes in third person. But I can't. So oh well.
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[ profile] jr__nal of course. People post some lovely things on there. Some links may be wrong, but here are some other ones: [ profile] foto_decadent, [ profile] wtf_history, [ profile] wtf_nature, [ profile] saucydwellings. I think there is one called urban decay where people post photos of... urban decay. What I'd like to see, is a dream community. I love writing down my dreams. I don't care about interpretation, dreams are just so weird and cool. I searched for a dream community a while ago, but it was mostly inactive.
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We don't get are report cards until next week, but I do know a few of my marks.

English - 83%
Math - definately not so high, but I'm passing. Apparently everyone is getting bad in that class.
Marketing - don't know
Art - she said everyone was passing

I got a letter in the mail, I missed 53.5 days of school last semester. I glued it into my journal. The one I named "Norway". I name them all after countries...

Yay for...

Jan. 30th, 2008 04:16 pm
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Paint fumes. We're not finished, but it went well.

Wow, these entries have not been as long as they could have. I dunno. I'm not writing much in my regular journal either.

Radio.Blog.Club keeps directing me for Radio.Blog.Club France. Ugh.

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Ah! I found two little journals I used to write in:
1. Was a school journal, I wrote in it from December. 3, 2003, to April. 2, 2004.
2. I remember ripping pages out of this one, because all of the previous entries were of a sexual nature, and I didn't want my mom reading it. Anyway, now it only has one entry from December. 1, 2004.

Anyway, I won't have enough time to post them today. Going to go see Sweeney Todd, and I got a bunch of crap to finish.

Ugh, I wanna go now!

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I posted some entries on my [ profile] lilting_grace8 journal:
Nov. 3, 2001
May. 3, 2002
Aug. 20, 2002
Jan. 3, 2003
May. 4, 2004
Sept. 7, 2004
Nov. 16, 2004
Sept. 3, 2005
Jan. 21, 2007

For some reason, they aren't showing up on the calendars. Ah well. No one reads me anyway.

I wanted to post some letters that a friend sent me in 2002, but I wont do it without her permission. I'll just glue them into an offline journal. I mean it's not like there's anything major in their, we were only 12, and not very close. But still, blah. Couldn't get her permission anyway, I have no idea where she lives now. She had moved to Edmonton just before she sent them. I'm making these letters sound more amazing then they are, I just like snail mail. I suppose I still have her email address, but I don't like her that much anyway.

I'm annoying.

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Ah, my cats are maniacs.

Ugh, I hate this neighbourhood. One reason is because the Drunkards-asshole-brother-Danny lives around the corner, and visits whenever he pleases. Ugh, not to mention, calls at all hours. He called at 12:30ish am, and 5:30ish am this morning, just for ciggarettes.

Once I stayed in the cold basement for two hours because he decided to come over and have "a drink", and I didn't want to be around him. He also has one of the most annoying voices ever, made even more annoying by his smoking habits. It's not a cool Tom Waits voice, I dunno how to describe it.

Anyway, I've decided to post everyday to livejournal, or whenever I have the time, I don't have much of a life. I like seeing full archives.

I actually feel fine today. Sort of a cold happy. I was a little aggravated with some of the events of this morning, but I'm better.

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I'm going to get a new livejournal. I don't like the idea of getting a new one, but I'm tired of this name. I made it up in about grade 7 and it's stupid. I'm going to get something timeless like moron. First I wanna print out all of the entries I made here then I'll delete it. No one reads this anyway, it's more for me. Bleh.
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I'm 16 today, but I don't find 16 too important. It's not until 17 that birthdays will be important to me. Maybe. I dunno, we'll see next year.

I don't really post on online journals anymore, I prefer my offline journals now. I'm going to delete all of my blogs and stuff except for my LJ, my DreamJournal and maybe some other ones. First I'm going to print out all of my entries.

This day started out pretty bad. I was so tired, but ended up waking to the Beast complaining about EVERYTHING. When she ran out of things to complain about, she was throwing around things in the kitchen. Nothing is broken like last time. She's very childish sometimes. Everything is better now. Since she's gone somewhere with the Drunkard.

Mar (sister) is coming over at around 1pm. She's the only family member I can tolerate. Even if she is a bitch once in a while. I hope the doesn't Harpy come over.

Eep! The Ref on DVD, I finally have it. The VHS was getting worn out, since I love the movie so much I grew up watching it. "Excuse me, but the corpse still has the floor".

Ummm, nothing much happens here. Um, the Beast has tantrums about everyday. I guess it's better that she's being... I don't know the word. For two or three months in the beginning of my grade 9 year, she spent most of her time in bed. I am sad to admit, it was a happy time for me. But I'm not that great of a person, so don't expect anything from me.

My marks and attendance are MUCH MUCH better than last year. In early December I passed out in class, it was SOOOO embarassing. I have no friends now, because TaSha betrayed me. I took to calling her the Pap Smear for a while (not to her of course). I don't do that anymore, she doesn't deserve a crude nickname like most of my family. I haven't talked to her since mid-September. Except once when she opened the door for me, I thanked her, she said "You're welcome". That's how we were brought up. Keep it all inside, be polite, explode later.

Some more stuff has happened, but I think this entry is long enough.

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It's 5ish in the morning! Weeeeeee. I'm a little angry that I missed Ellen: Here and Now which was on at 2:30am... Weeeeeeeee. Gotta stop doing that.

Kiss the boot of shiny shiny leather. Shiny leather in the dark. Tongue of thongs, the belt that does await you. Strike dear mistress and cure his heart. Severin severin speak so slightly. Severin down on your bended knee. Taste the whip in love not given lightly. Taste the whipe now pleade for me. I am tired, I am weary. I could sleep for thousand years. A thousand dreams that would awake me. Different colours made of tears.

I have about 16 offline journals I'm currently writing in... Wow... Memories are very important to me. Good or bad. Once in a while I wish I can forget them, but that will never happen, so why bother trying. Then I have some more hidden in my room. I prefer offline ones to online ones... Weeeeee... Oh my entries keep getting short...

Soy un Perdedor
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Ah! I saw V for Vendetta yesterday! I knew I would love it before I saw it! Hugo Weaving rocks, and I never paid attention to how sexy his voice is. The part in the beginning w/ all of the alliteration, was amazing. It was as if he were reciting a poem. Kudos to the Watchowski Brothers (I know I spelt it wrong), it was much better than the Matrix (I kinda only liked the first one). I love the plot, and all of the action. Natalie Portman and Barbara Berkery did a great job on Eveys voice. At the beginning when Natalie was saying the poem I was stunned. Don't get me started on the soundtrack! The score, the songs, and the classical compositions chosen were amazing. Using that word a lot. This is now on my favourite movies list.

Previews: Some Fast & the Furious spin-off. Already crap. A movie w/ John Malkovich who I love, but the movie doesn't seem too great. The Da Vinci Code looks good. I can't remember the rest, but I did see the trailer for... *drum roll* Pirates of the Carribean 2! Ah! I know it wont be as good as the first, because Disney sequels usually aren't, but I know it shall be good.

I saw Cats on April 1st! I loved it, back in the '90's I saw it on tape and fell asleep, but when I saw it then I loved it. Presented by Theatre Alive at the Chrysler Theatre. I love Mr. Mistoffelees (sp?). I'm very confused, since I really liked Team America: World Police.

We go a new computer, very nice. A month ago! It still isn't hooked up...

Lionel Davis is coming to our school sometime this month, very excited.

Radio Blog Club is all weird :(

I read over my offline journal. Oh my gah! It is so weird. Anyway, today I made the most cynical, and unbearably long entry ever. It was 12 pages of bitching and complaining. Although I am happy I got all of that down.

Soy un Perdedor
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Was 8 pages long... Here's some random stuff.

"I wanna carrot cake muffin"
"It's wierd that this decade is almost over. Four more years and it will be the 2010's. I'll be 20. It's scary"
"I have sniffulitus"
"Was there a time when Brise Willis wasn't losing his hair" - Watched The 5th Element that day.
"... ... If someone is constantly singing, it doesn't mean they're any good..."
"... ... Ew! I saw the words 'pussie', 'cherry', and 'popped' and then ran away." - Don't ask.
"Alan Cummings rox! Weeeeeee!"
"Gandalf the Gay!" - I had recently found out that Ian McKellan (sp?) was gay. I love that. He's oneof my favourie actors.
"I've noticed that any commercial that has a woman in white pants is either advertising bleach, or 'womens stuff'."

This was a bad day. I had such a good day on the 1st, then it just got terrible. Not many quotes from this entry because most were all whiny.

Fictional Characters:
"Please no! I have a wife and three girlfriends!"

Soundtrack for the Day
1. Neverending White Lights ft. Dallas Green - The Grace
2. City and Colour - Save Your Scissors
3. White Stripes, The - Jolene
4. Score for Brokeback Mountain (haven't seen the movie yet, already I love the score)

Million Dollar Abie



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