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Again, some of these are older because I let them pile up.

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Not Part of the Challenge: The Conditions of Love (2008?) by Morishima Akiko

  • My first manga. I didn't get most of it, because I didn't realize until the next one that I wasn't reading the panels in the right order.

  • Also my first yuri...

Not Part of the Challenge: Lovesick Dead (2007?) by Junji Ito

  • Nice and creepy

  • The translation may have been a bit clunky, I dunno. It seemed unnatural for them to be saying "the Intersections Pretty Boy" everytime they talked about him.

Translation: The Descent into Hell (2006) by Dante, translated by Dorothy L. Sayers in 1949

  • Realized too late that it was an abridged version of Inferno. I'll listen to The Divine Comedy on audiobook one day.

  • Dante only fainted twice, which is impressive considering all of the shit he saw

  • "So gaped as one I saw there, from the chin / Down to the fart-hole split as by a cleaver" see what I mean?

Based on a true story: So Young to Die (1993) by Candice F. Ransom

  • Originally bought it because the illustration of Hannah seemed so badass

  • I think this category is for narrative nonfiction or something like Picnic At Hanging Rock. This read more like a wiki article.

Book your mom loves: The Secret (2006) by Rhonda Byrne

  • Don't get me started

TW: rape
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