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"He's no wiser than a dunk horse!"

One of my coworkers quoting a client.
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"I stopped believing in Santa Claus when my mother took me to see him in a department store, and he asked for my autograph."
- Shirley Temple

I miss drinking Shirley Temples. I need to get grenadine. It sounds like a drug and it's expensive.
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"Now I'm gonna do a butt massage!"

- Paula Dean

She's awesome.
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Comes from the show True Blood.

"Your hair is like a sunrise after a bomb goes off."

May be off a few words.
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As I promised, here is my picture free post. I also said I would talk about bunnies or Schmee...

I love Schmee! I love bunnies! There ya go.

Queen - Killer Queen

Friday I went to my sisters for the night, it was fun. I wont be able to do that this much this summer because of her work. Which sucks, because I love going there to get away from here. I hate feeling uneasy in my own home.

Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight

Finally saw A Hard Day's Night, and loved it. But it was on at midnight, and I can never stay awake on weekends for some reason. So I kept dozing off, which is annoying. "Are you a mod, or a rocker?" "Um, no. I'm a mocker." Can't choose a favourite line. That's like choosing a favourite song of theirs.

I watched Lady and the Tramp also. Oh, old memories. I used to think all of these Disney movies were from the nineties, but that's probably just because they were re-released or something. For example: Snow White (1937), Fantasia (1940), Oliver and Company (1988), Bambi (1942), etc. And Lady and the Tramp is from '55. It has to be one of my favourites. I actually cry at two parts: the dog pound and when Trusty gets ran over. Aw, Queenie was sniffing the screen whenever one of the characters barked. Ah! Also the art is beautiful. One of my favourite scenes is when Trusty is sniffing his way through the streets. I dunno, it's the texture, man...


Soy un Peredor
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Oh nothing to do. Mom and Patti went to some party thing. They invited me to come, but they asked right when they were leaving. Pretty rude. Wouldn't want to go anyway, I'm a "homebody". I just find myself very uninterested in being near people. Ah, must get away from the normals, they'll make fun of my hunchback! *cowers*.

Sountrack (some of it) for the day:
1. Rocky Horror Picture Show - Science Fiction Double Feature
2. Proclaimers - 500 Miles
3. Mamas and the Papas - California Dreaming
4. Nirvana - Lithium
5. Nirvana - Man Who Sold the World
6. Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs
7. Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
8. Death from Above 1979 - Romantic Rights
9. Death from Above 1979 - Blood on Our Hands
10. Sapronos Theme
11. Charles Wright - Express Yourself
12. Flaw - Whole
13. 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill
14. Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer
15. NIN - Something I Can Never Have

There's many more. Ai lurve meh muziac. Translation: I love music.

Random Quote: "When I was born I was so surprised, I didn't talk for a year and a half." - Gracie Allen


Soy un Perdedor
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Was 8 pages long... Here's some random stuff.

"I wanna carrot cake muffin"
"It's wierd that this decade is almost over. Four more years and it will be the 2010's. I'll be 20. It's scary"
"I have sniffulitus"
"Was there a time when Brise Willis wasn't losing his hair" - Watched The 5th Element that day.
"... ... If someone is constantly singing, it doesn't mean they're any good..."
"... ... Ew! I saw the words 'pussie', 'cherry', and 'popped' and then ran away." - Don't ask.
"Alan Cummings rox! Weeeeeee!"
"Gandalf the Gay!" - I had recently found out that Ian McKellan (sp?) was gay. I love that. He's oneof my favourie actors.
"I've noticed that any commercial that has a woman in white pants is either advertising bleach, or 'womens stuff'."

This was a bad day. I had such a good day on the 1st, then it just got terrible. Not many quotes from this entry because most were all whiny.

Fictional Characters:
"Please no! I have a wife and three girlfriends!"

Soundtrack for the Day
1. Neverending White Lights ft. Dallas Green - The Grace
2. City and Colour - Save Your Scissors
3. White Stripes, The - Jolene
4. Score for Brokeback Mountain (haven't seen the movie yet, already I love the score)

Million Dollar Abie



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