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Again, some of these are older because I let them pile up.

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Nov. 24th, 2016 01:09 pm
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A bunch of links I've been saving for the past few months. Maybe I should do this monthly, they do pile up.

Short Films
Short Stories

  • They used "The Killing Moon" by Echo and the Bunnymen in Donnie Darkos theatrical cut, but "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS in the directors one. They are both georgous songs, but I think "TKM" works better. Also, I probably wouldn't have heard any Echo songs for years if it hadn't been for that movie. Whereas, my mom and sister are big INXS fans, so I would have heard "NTUA" at some point.

  • An Antiques Roadshow appraisal of Ray Bradbury books.

  • Another one for Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I didn't like that book too much, but this was sweet.

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  1. Love Happens (2009) Bleh

  2. Lizzie Borden Took An Axe (2014) My first Lifetime movie.

  3. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

  4. Devil in A Blue Dress (1995)

  5. Malcolm X (1992) OMG, those zoot suits!

  6. European Vacation (1985) directed by Amy Heckerling

  7. The Fault in Our Stars (2014) Didn't make me cry

  8. Sabrina (1995) An okay remake. Glad they took the suicide bit out.

  9. Begin Again (2013)

  10. Quicksilver (1986) eightiesliscious

  11. Wee Willie Winkie (1937)

  12. Code 46 (2003) I feel like the setting was really interesting, but the story was boring.

  13. Lorenzo's Oil (1992) Did make me cry

  14. One Missed Call (2008) bleh

  15. Jodorowsky's Dune (2013) The way people talked about Jupiter Ascending, this movie could probably be made the way it was originally intended.

  16. Belle (2013) directed by Amma Asante

  17. Too Young to Die (1990) Brad Pitt played a lot of psychopaths in the 90s (watched on youtube)

Been watching Slings and Arrows this month. Also, this short film.
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Spooky or Horror movies

  1. The Worst Witch (1986)*, I used to watch the tv series and it's spin-off (had a crush on Hobbes) when I was young. It's cheesy and loveable. I loved that the girls had pink flannel pentacle sheets on their bed. I love that Miss Hardbroom had bat earrings. She also had a pentagram chalkboard, that didn't seem very practical to me.

  2. Dawn of the Dead (1978)*, I really liked it. The remake was bleh.

  3. Two adaptations of Carmilla (both on youtube). One was The Vampire Lovers (1970)*. It was mostly boobs and sad Peter Cushing. Which is fine. That lime green dress that Carmilla wore pissed me off though. The second was an episode of Nightmare Classics*, that didn't work out very well. I liked the cast though: Meg Tilly, Ione Skye, Roddy McDowall and the dude from Beauty and the Beast* (the series from the 80's).

  4. Oculus (2013). I actually kind of liked it. It was kind of intense at times. I like horror movies that are about brothers and sisters, rather than couples. It's too bad Jeepers Creepers was directed by a pedophile.

  5. I, Frankenstein (2014) Just bleh.

  6. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1980)* with Jeff Goldblum as Ichabod! It was cute, kind of like The Watsons but with ghosts.

  7. The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)*. Was nice and pre-codey.

  8. The Last Day on Mars (2013). Liev Schrieber, Olivia Williams and Elias Koteas, you know I'm there. The director made a short film called Blinky that is super creepy and good.

  9. Metropolis (1927). So good and strange. Really long, but worth it.

Regular movies

  1. 12 Years A Slave (2013). Really good, but like all Steve McQueen movies, I will probably never watch it again. I do want to read Solomon Northup's book.

  2. When Night is Falling (1995). I liked it. Had that odd Canadian feel. I wish they would have given Petra a little more back story or something. The ending was strange.

  3. Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955). I'd say, only watch it for the costumes. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is much better. Though the name doesn't make much sense. It should be The Blonde Prefers Rich Dudes and the Brunette Prefers Olympic Swimmers and Poor Private Detectives. Or maybe that's too long.

  4. Murder in the First (1995). Pretty good, I really love how it was shot.

  5. Operation Petticoat (1959) Usually submarine movies do not do it for me (U-571 made me fall asleep, I can't remember The Hunt for Red October. I liked Run Silent, Run Deep, but maybe that was mostly for Burt Lancaster), but I liked this. Maybe beacause it's a comedy. Maybe I can only watch submarine movies if they have a sense of humor and aren't bone dry like U-571 and The Hunt.

* on youtube, the Worst Witch series might be on there too. I watched Metropolis on Netflix, but it's probably on Youtube.
Here's a NSFW photo shoot of Burt Lancaster.
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This one is from a Daria article. I bolded the books I have, but haven't read:
Read more... )


Sep. 24th, 2014 04:26 pm
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I watch too many tv shows.

Sometimes I want to stop watching Ray Donovan, but that episode that Liev Shreiber directed was so good.

Also watch The Knick.
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I got my sister into Curb Your Enthusiasm. She was a teenager from 1993-1998, and was a big Alanis Morissette fan. So when we watched the episode with Alanis in it, she got all giggly and fangirly. It was so cute. Usually she's like Oscar the Grouch.

Ho hum

Feb. 11th, 2009 11:33 am
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I'm having Oz re-run withdrawals. I've never seen the Sopranos, and I've only seen one episode of Six Feet Under. I love True Blood, Rome and pretty much all of the other HBO shows, but none of them compare to how much I love Oz. :(
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[Error: unknown template qotd]A Flight of the Conchords question! Bret is adorable, but Jermaine is sexah!
Sugar lumps, ha!
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I don't know right now, but I absoloutley love it when someone brings something they found in the trash onto Antiques Roadshow, and it turns out to be $100,000 or something.
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I won't go into the details of this dream, it's long.

I was in prison, and this group of people jumped me. They branded me because my cousins great great great great great grandfather was the slave of some guy to was related to some person or something. They branded a V or something on the left side of my stomach above my hip bone. It was about the size of a quarter, but still hurt like hell.

Also in the prison: my mom, and some people that went to school w/ me. Also characters from OZ: Miguel, Simon & Poet. It was a weird mixed (men and women, adults and teens) prison with comfy couches, and people who branded V's on you. So, not as bad as Oz. Miguel was sent to solitary or the hole or something so he wouldn't try to save me from being branded.

Skip a few details, I was being let out of prison. I was waiting in line for my possessions. Simon was there too, like on the show he is crazy as fuck. He wasn't being paroled though. Anyway, I get to the front of the line, and a woman CO looks at me weird. I show her a bottle of vodka that another CO gave me. She nods and says "Oh yeah, Jessica _________. Here's your stuff".

She hands me a deck of tarot cards. Or at least pictures of tarot cards that were printed off of the Internet. I ask "Is this it?". She says "Yes". I ask her if I could schedule a visit with Miguel, she laughs and says something that I can't remember. I leave. She didn't mention anything about a parole officer, and I don't even know why I was in prison.

I go outside and put the tarot deck in my pocket. I thought of sending Miguel the vodka, but decided it wouldn't be a good idea. I don't know what happened to the bottle. I pass Poet on my way out. He's in a hospital gown (possibly has an IV), and is wearing plastic bags on his feet. That made me realize that I wasn't wearing shoes.

I noticed that the prison was in a urban area for some reason... I decide to buy some shoes. But then I think "Do any of these stores sell shoes? Would I be allowed into the store without shoes?". I don't even know if I had enough money to catch a bus, let alone buy shoes. I didn't know if Cockroach and Drunkard still lived in the house, or if my sister was still living in her apartment.

I forgot all of this when I realized my high school was near by. I went to the school and went inside. It was a bit rundown, probably has something to do with being near a prison. I went into a room. In the room were: a certain VP (who was dressed like a doctor for some reason), Mr. Social Issues Teacher (who didn't recognize me), Shia Labeouf, and Cody (a kid from school). Shia and Cody (who looked a lot older) both had babies in strollers with them. So I knew that I had been in prison for about a year at least.

When the boys left (w/ their babies), Mr. VP turned to me, and we spoke about stuff I can't remember. To make him feel guilty, I showed him the V. He seemed turned on by it and touched it, it was still sore. Then he started kissing me.

Then I was in a hallway looking for my locker. It had been left alone while I was in prison, and the hallway it was in was cleaner than the others. I was about to open it when I heard a wierd noise. No one else was in the hallway, but it was close. I ran out a near by door. I assumed that the noise came from a monster that stalked the hallway looking for students to eat. There was no one in the streets, so I guessed that the neighbours knew.

A group of students came around the side of the school. A girl said something to me like "The teachers can't control the goddess". I decided that the faculty performed a spell to help out the school, but accidently summoned a demon. To appease the demon, they locked out a couple of students each day. She then told me, that they left the back door open and that we'd be safe in the gym (in real life, the gyms are on the second floor).

Then the demon came out, and it was ugly as fuck. We ran and were able to get into the gym. Except for a boy that the demon pounced on and devoured. I had the urge to pull a sword out of nowhere and chop off the demons head, but I woke up.

I had another dream set in a cemetary, and another in my neighbourhood, but I barely remember them.

Dec. 18

Dec. 18th, 2008 06:14 pm
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My sister had to work today (her birthday). :(

The night sky looks so weird when it's snowing.

We got yearbooks, they look cool this year.

Inmates from Oz keep showing up in my dreams: Schillinger, Miguel, Hill, Said, and the O'Riley brothers.
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"Now I'm gonna do a butt massage!"

- Paula Dean

She's awesome.
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Comes from the show True Blood.

"Your hair is like a sunrise after a bomb goes off."

May be off a few words.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Sacred Heart, and my doctor would be Dr. Cox. He's an endearing asshole.
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Between yesterday and today, I've cried four times. But on was because of what Ellen DeGeneres made Dennis Quaid do.

But most of the crying has been my fault. I've been having a hard time staying rational, and thinking things out before losing my temper.
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This makes me want to start watching "American Idol". It's Gladys Knight singing "Midnight Train to Georgia" with Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. Gladys is great, I wouldn't be able to sing without laughing.

I've always loved this song.

Edit: okay, I'm slow. Apparently Gladys is just archival (sp?) footage.


Feb. 10th, 2008 03:47 pm
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Paige is coming back to Trading Spaces. I kind of liked it better without her. There was two carpenters, and they went back after two weeks to see if the people changed anything. Ah well.

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Was 8 pages long... Here's some random stuff.

"I wanna carrot cake muffin"
"It's wierd that this decade is almost over. Four more years and it will be the 2010's. I'll be 20. It's scary"
"I have sniffulitus"
"Was there a time when Brise Willis wasn't losing his hair" - Watched The 5th Element that day.
"... ... If someone is constantly singing, it doesn't mean they're any good..."
"... ... Ew! I saw the words 'pussie', 'cherry', and 'popped' and then ran away." - Don't ask.
"Alan Cummings rox! Weeeeeee!"
"Gandalf the Gay!" - I had recently found out that Ian McKellan (sp?) was gay. I love that. He's oneof my favourie actors.
"I've noticed that any commercial that has a woman in white pants is either advertising bleach, or 'womens stuff'."

This was a bad day. I had such a good day on the 1st, then it just got terrible. Not many quotes from this entry because most were all whiny.

Fictional Characters:
"Please no! I have a wife and three girlfriends!"

Soundtrack for the Day
1. Neverending White Lights ft. Dallas Green - The Grace
2. City and Colour - Save Your Scissors
3. White Stripes, The - Jolene
4. Score for Brokeback Mountain (haven't seen the movie yet, already I love the score)

Million Dollar Abie


Yule Log

Jan. 3rd, 2005 04:20 pm
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Yesterday we had one birthday celebration (we usually have/go to 5, have/go to 8 christmas things, etc). It was my intermediate family and my Grandmother. Yesterday was her birthday. We also kind of celebrated my own. We had this really really cool Yule Log cake! It tasted great too! It looked amazing. Here's something random: I was watching Americas Funniest Home Videos, and these people were outside w/ their mouse... Anyway, a big bird came and flew off w/ the poor thing! That is NOT funny. I know it's nature, but it's not funny! Maybe a little.

I hardly got any work done today. It was all holiday talk. I don't give a shit about other people! I want my grades! Ok Jess... calm down. *takes a deep breath*. In lighter news, I am so happy! The Ellen DeGeneres Show is starting again! Today Ben Stiller is a guest. I love this show!

Hugs and Ben Stiller,
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