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I completely forgot about mosquitoes (sp?). I have at least two bites. Ugh.
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The Beast is a strung out cunt.

School tomorrow will be so boring and slow:
First period - test, but that's basically the only thing going on tomorrow.
Second period - I'll be sitting in the library doing nothing, waiting for the rest of my class to finish their essays (I also did this Monday and today)
Third period - I'll be sitting in class doing nothing, waiting for the rest of my class to finish their self-portraits (mine ended up okay by the way)
Fourth period - school assemby. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will end early. Or if I'm really lucky, I can sneak out of the school before the assembly, yay!

So childish

Mar. 1st, 2008 01:01 pm
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I'm speaking of my family of course. Fighting over the smallest things. They just love to argue, and Cockroach especially never gives up. It's having the last word times 20. Ugh.
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I think that's what the headline said.

I usually don't care about sports, but this is ridiculus.

Whenever CCH wins a game, we get a little paragraph in the newspaper, while other schools get the front of the sports page.

Well a few days ago, the Windsor Star, and a radio station said CCH lost an important game (basketball) by 20 points. They had it on the front page of the sports page.

Well, it just so happens, that we actually won that game. They corrected their mistake the next day, with a small paragraph on the back of the sports page.

This isn't where it stops, out school has a horrible reputation. They say it's full of violence, drugs, sluts, "niggers and ragheads" (actual quote by possibly a future KKK member), etc.

There is rarely violence at my school. Mostly verbal fights, threats, etc (once in a while). A few years ago, a boy from our school shot a cop, but that has nothing to do with the school. Also a few years ago, a guy killed a taxi driver, and they (the media) HAD to point out that he went to CCH. SEVERAL YEARS AGO.

As for drugs, it's mostly weed, but what do you expect from teens? It's not like we're running a meth lab, or something.

There have been some pregnant girls at my school, but so what? They're at least still coming to school.

We have a very mixed group of students. What does that have to do with anything? Most of the kids on Honour roll weren't even born in Canada. By the way, I like hearing students speak several different languages, I'd love to speak Arabic. Racism is so... ugh! You get what I mean.

People also like to say we got a poor school because it's an old building. Well guess what asshole, we got better computers than you suckas! I think it's so stupid that they're building new schools, when we have a bunch of closed schools, just sitting there. I pass Lowe (former high school) almost everyday. It's a big school, in lovely condition.

Anyway, I personally hate my school, but that's because it's highschool. I'd hate it no matter what.


Hey, a proper entry!
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I doubt I'll accomplish all of these, but I might as well write them down.
{1} Do better in school, that means actually going, and doing my work.
{2} Gain 10 pounds.
{3} Start planning for June
{4} Make resume (this is becoming more of a to do list)
{5} Finish outstanding projects
{6} Paint room
{7} Try to look on the bright side of things

Ugh, family is so annoying. But not as annoying as the asshole crackheads across the street. At 2am they were all yelling at eachother and possibly running after eachother with baseball bats. I hate this street. Full of crackheads, dealers, hookers, alcoholics, and just plain assholes.

Song of the Day: Tenacious D - Classico (it's so fun to sing along to, hee hee)

I used to pronounce Depeche Mode Dep-pesh-ee Mode.

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I don't wanna go to school tomorrow! *whines*


Feb. 9th, 2006 02:28 pm
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Just a quick entry. Finally found out how to do the lj-cut (added it to a bunch of my entries, got exited) ... Who would have thought it would be in the help section...

Apollo my cat, oh so cute... He's purring on my lap...

Check:, very great community to check out fashion photography.

My nose hurts terribly...

Other things I'll be posting in another blog, buh bye

Soy un perdedor
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HOLY SHIT! I finally have a live journal! Yay for me! I couldn't get one earlier because I needed a code from a user. Too bad I'm poor, then I could get a paid account. Oh well, at least I finally have one.

I'll still keep all the blogs I made, I'll probably put what I write at school in here. That's when all the emotions come out.

I doubt anyone is reading this, oh well. I can just talk to my voices.

Jessica: So how are you all doing today?
AM: I'm fine. you?
Jessica: Good. How are you Alexis?
Alexis: Bored.
Jessica: I know, how do you think I feel whenever I talk to you?
Alexis: You bee-yotch! *tackles Jessica to the ground*
Jessica: *muffled voice* Your... so... touchy...
AM: Break it up you insolent children! *throws Prince plushies at the two*

Ok, this is getting out of hand.

I missed Ellen. :( I love me some Ellen. It's so hot in here.


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