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The other day, I burned the pages of my four high school yearbooks. I kept the covers... They were kind of nice. The pages on the other hand, had to go. Why would I want to keep them? I no longer converse with anyone I knew then. There was only one picture of me in each of them.

The only reasons I took them home from school:
1. I hoard books
2. I wanted to draw on faces

Reasons to burn them:
1. Waste of space
2. Recycle bin was full
3. Some of the things I wrote beside people I didn't like were negative. I do not need any extra negativity
4. Possible catharsis? Since I chopped these books up a few weeks ago (it has rained a lot), I don't think I have had as many high school related dreams as usual. The ones I have had, haven't been too bad.
5. Bonfire in the back yard!

It was fun.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Worst as in mean, or as in they have the wrong job?

Mean would be Ms. V, my grade seven teacher. She would humiliate students in front of other people by giving out personal information. Some lady came in once and they were talking at her deak. I was sitting near-by doing an art project. Ms. V told the woman about how much school I was missing and how I never did my homework. Who is this woman and why do you need to tell her my personal info? Another time, she sent some students out in the hallway to finish homework they didn't do. That's fine. But a grade 8 student went to visit her, and she sent this student out to us to say "Ms. V told me to tell you that you are all a waste of air". I don't know what I would have said to this bitch.

The teacher who needed a new job: Ms. T, my grade 10 English and grade 11 History teacher. She never had control over her classes, and got information wrong. She didn't know how to mark tests properly. One time, she didn't show up for class, and I guess she didn't call in, because we were sitting in our empty class for a half hour. It was really surreal. I wouldn't tell her anything, because her classes were easy marks.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm not a 100% sure, my memory is very foggy. But I absolutely hate it when my mom or older sister (M) talked for me. Oh, and in 2002, my other sister (P) got a mullet and came to pick me up at school. Now I'm remembering stuff. M was picking me up from school, and I pointed out a girl who had made fun of my Pocahantas sweater (grade one), and the girl was with a friend. My sister walked up to the (wrong) girl and started yelling at her.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm going to talk about an awesome class that existed in my high school, but was taken away before I got there, leaving me very disappointed. My sister said she had a class where all they did was watch movies (one she remembers was "The Wall"), learn to write well contructed critiques and learn more about how movies are made. They had an assignment each month or so to go see a movie (or maybe rent one that wasn't on the teachers list) and review it.

Why!? It was probably dropped because the school isn't very wealthy and didn't have enough televisions for other classes or something.

Now that I look at the title of this writers block, that probably wasn't the answer you wanted, though I think it is very important to teach tolerance and acceptance.
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There was a message on the phone saying that the yearbook for the 2008-2009 semesters (I don't know if it's a normal thing for a highschool to take that long to complete a yearbook) were in. At first I thought, "Well, maybe I'll go pick it up tomorrow after I go to the bank". Then I realized that the thought of going into that school, even if it's for five minutes, makes me feel like I'm going to vomit. When we drive by it, I close my eyes or turn away. So fuck it.
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But I understand, some crazy stuff happened yesterday.

Then, on top of that the previous intern/receptionist called and was all "Find this for me, and fax it all now" (sort of). My boss said he could wait. Ha!

The other previous intern came in yesterday also.

It was a stressful afternoon, and Monday will be crazy. I walked home.

Ugh, had another dream set in highschool. I could not get my lock on my locker open, and people were treating me like shit. I gave them a peice of my mind and left them all with their jaws on the floor. Still, it was a stressful dream. I do not want to dream about highschool!
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With applying for school. I will not be going in September. At least I didn't pay. Maybe I'll take night courses instead. I don't care if they take longer, and I think they are cheaper. I did not have any of this crap really planned out, because I didn't think I would be here. Ugh.

I know I should ask about getting my internship extended if they do not find another intern in time. Even if one came in next week, I do not think I could train them in two weeks. The last time I did anything close to training, was probably grade seven when we went to the kindergarten classes to help them with their reading and writing. I think I did a horrible job. That poor little girl is probably as illiterate as a glue gun now because of me.

I went into my bosses (boss'?) office yesterday and she said something like "You only have two weeks left" and smiled. I didn't mention anything about the lack of a new intern, nor did she. So I'm starting to think that she doesn't care if she is without an assistant for a while, as long as I'm gone. I'm very paranoid, but I really do not think she likes me at all. Ah well. I'm just going to see where the path leads. Or something.

Had a crappy dream set in highschool last night, even though I haven't been in highschool for about a year. Will these highschool dreams go on forever? At least I haven't been dreaming about falling or getting raped.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Ugh. I went to the same elementary school and the same high school growing up. It sucked. I should have chosen a different highschool and started over. Almost everyone from my elementary school went to that highschool. I only went because it was easy. My sisters went there, my friends were going there (friends who I stopped talking to in grade nine). A representative from the highschool came to our grade eight class to, I dunno, recruit us. No one from any of the other school came, so that's why I didn't think of any other options.

Fall 2010

Jan. 7th, 2010 10:20 am
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Applying for school makes me want to jump in front of a bus.

Aug 15

Aug. 15th, 2009 10:14 am
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I got 93.5% on my exam, and I start the internship on Monday. I'm still not even 100% sure on what I'm supposed to do, but I'll be paid for doing it, and that's all that matters. Other than that, nothing has been happening.
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I might not get the internship because I class is taking too long and they wont wait, even though the cunt encouraged me to take the class when I could have easily rescheduled it. Earlier today I was blaming myself and on the verge of tears, now I've moved on to blaming other people.
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It's 12:25, blah blah blah. Waiting for my class to start. I walked here, it's not too bad outside.


Jun. 25th, 2009 02:38 pm
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So, apparently, I'm the only candidate so far for this internship. But I can't start training until I'm done my course and they may find someone before then. Now that I've seen where I would be working, it doesn't seem so bad.

Ugh, it's so hot outside. I walked home, like an idiot. It's not that far away, but ugh.
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I read Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux while I was in the hospital, and Phantom by Susan Kay a few years back, and I love both of them. I was just thinking, that they never have Eriks (the Opera Ghost) face like it was in the book. In the book, he looked like a corpse. But in the musical and most of the movies, he's a burn victim or something. I like the half mask in the musical, but I prefer Erik completely disfigured. He seems whiny if he looks like Gerard Butler with a bad burn.

I was wondering why they do this, it's probably so people wont be distracted by Eriks face, or so they can more easily feel sorry for him. I think it is unnecessary. People still loved the Elephant Man. Then again, Erik is sort of psychotic, but people love psychos. Especially talented psychos like Hannibal. Erik is super talented. He can sing, write and play music, is an accomplished architect, ventriloquist (which would make a creepy scene, but I haven't seen this used in movies), etc.

I think the only movie I know of that followed the books description of Erik, is the one with Lon Cheney. It was 1925 and Lon Cheney wasn't too bad looking, and he got it right. Then again, the movie was in black and white, and the images are grainier (?) than todays images. But still, I think they could do the makeup properly without use of CGI. Though they would need a skinny actor. Oh my god, Doug Jones just came to mind, he does a ton of work in prosthetics and make-up.

While in the hospital, I imagined an animatronic Erik in a Jim Henson movie from the late 80's with Jennifer Conelly as Christine. I loved Labyrinth.

Also, if they are worried about people identifying with Erik because of his face, they have to find a really good actor who will work through the make-up. And good writing too. Good writing and actors is how people fall in love with characters no matter how evil they are. I think that is why I love every character on Oz.

I don't know why, but I had to say/type that.

In other news:
1. I got back into the course I was taking before I went to the hospital. It starts July 6th. Hopefully I can finish it before the internship -- that I might get into -- starts (I have an interview on Thursday). It's a free course, she said I could retake it after the internship if that happens.
2. Mar is either taking another job and moving into a townhouse, or taking a course and moving to another country to teach English. I'm happy for her, because she really hates her current job and apartment, and she has always wanted to travel. But she'll probably end up in a really hot country (she hates heat) and I don't think she's patient enough to be a teacher. Still, I hope everything will work out and she'll end up happy. Because she is one of the bitchiest people ever. Also, she'd have to get rid of her wonderful bed. It's huge and makes a person feel like royalty. It's too big for any of the bedrooms in our house.
3. Cockroach is volounteering at the place where the guy she is semi-stalking works.
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The instructor for the course I'm taking seems like an asshole.

Cockroach met the guy she thinks is King Tuts reincarnation.

I have to spend my whole weekend helping Harpy move/unpack shit. Great.
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... are not a more comfortable substitute for heels. I have two blisters on my achilles heels as evidence. And they don't support your arches.

Not that I'm saying heels are super comfortable. I can barely walk straight as it is, so heels would be a bad idea for me. No matter how pretty they are.

Sometimes wen I'm walking and (for example) if I look to my right, I veer off to the left. It's crazy. I don't even drink.

On the 18th of May I start taking courses at some place downtown. So I have another form of education to put on my resume other than high school. To tide me over until I can take those Office Administration courses at St. Claire College.

I don't think I'd mind being in a cubicle. It's the fluoresent (sp?) lights that would bother me. Also, I think they took Solitaire and Free Cell off of computers in workplaces.
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Yes. Sometimes after I walked home, I'd just pass out on my bed naked. It's a forty minute walk, and the sun was always on me. I didn't change out of my uniform much in grade 9, but once I got used to a schedule I did. Usually change into casual clothing. But sometimes when I was all "Fuck the world, I'm tired", I got into pjs.
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I keep having dreams that I'm still in high school. That's so mean.

Sometimes I dream I'm late for school, then when I wake up I freak out. Although some of my school dreams are funny. Like the one with that student eating demon.
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What is up with children? I was remembering some of the messed up sadistic things my friends and I would do to eachother, we seemed to like pain. Like the game Mercy, I almost broke Kaylas fingers. Airborn, a game Kayla and I brought from cadets and introduced to our classmates. We played it wrong and ended up with bruises in the strangest places.

Then there's that rock, paper, scissors game, where the loser gets slapped. Oh, and TaSha and other kids were always sticking pins through the skin of their hands. I have a clear memory from when I was ten or so. We were are a church and TaSha kept sticking the pin of her angel brooch through the skin between her thumb and index finger.

I never saw this, but apparently burning your arm with a cigarette was popular.

I can't imagine what kids today do.
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Was going through some things, found a little assignment my English class had to do the day above. The teacher gave us each a list of words and we had to put it into a paragraph long short story. I think it's cute:

The silver skunk, sat under the weeping willow tree; looking at the stars. He thought they looked like pimples in the sky. A troll smelling heavily of peanut butter ran over to the skunk. "There's a tornado coming! Come with me to my cellar!" The skunk went with the troll to his cellar. After the tornado died down, the troll said "You deserve a lollipop for surviving."


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