Jul. 2nd, 2006 07:34 am
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*Bangs head on keyboard for no apparent reason*

Ah my throat hurts.

Sometimes I think about staying a virgin forever, so I don't have to visit a gynecologist. Of course I wont though. But everything I hear about the "gyno" sounds terrible! *whines*

Didn't get to see the fireworks yesterday. I was looking forward to them *sad face*. The last time I saw fireworks was July 28th, and before that was a couple of years. *sniff sniff*. I made an entry in my Xanga about it, which goes by angelicmobster also. I love fireworks.

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I know how this person feels. They probably have worse insomnia than me, but last month I went almost a week w/out sleeping. I notice that when I don't sleep my journal (offline) entries are so messed up... Well last night I actually slept, I had a dream that might inspire a story...

[Missing PostSecret Postcard]

Tomorrow is my last exam. Aw I just sneezed and my kitten Egypt came to my aid! Ah! He's so adorable. Anyway, I'm not really worried about it. This is my last chance to see the people (old friends) I've been avoiding since mid grade 9. Will I take it? No. Because I'll remember the reasons I've stayed away. They were shallow and I hated them. I'm a terrible person...

Yay! Summer begins tomorrow at around 10:30. My exam begins at 8:30. I'll probably be done before the hour, but I also have to take the bus home. So I should be home at 10:30ish. I love summer. Not so much the hot weather. Forgot what I was going to write...

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So, looking at post secret, then I read the one I have below. And thought about it a little. My mother had 3 children by 3 different men. I don't think she's a slut for that because of something I wont type. I do think she's a slut for all the men she brought home after that... Now she's not a slut, she's just a bitch. She doesn't care about who she hurts when she says the things she says.

This is the eighth entry in a row that I've posted a picture(s) with. Weird. Next Sunday it will be an all text post. Maybe I'll talk about bunnies. Or Schmee! Eep.

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May. 28th, 2006 07:31 am
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I've been waking up in the morning and feeling like crap. More than usual. I'd have an unconfortable night sleep, wake up several times. The last time I would fall asleep, I would have a weird but interesting dream. Then I'd wake up feeling like crap mentally and emotionally.

This morning I woke up and found this:

{It was a PostSecret about eating what's inside of those little silica pouches}

It makes me feel a little better. Maybe go on, because people always have something funny or amazing on there... See the "Urban Ninja" video. It's amazing, and it brought me closer to Rise Against. That sounds weird, but I love the song.

Unconscious Mutterings
Bounce :: the detergent. It's a detergent right?
Wasting time :: something I usually do
Utility :: agility (it rhymes...)
London :: England, and London Ontario
Pregnant :: woman scare me, I'm always afraid of gettting stuck in an elevator w/ one, and bing the only one to help her if she goes into labor.
Cranberry :: juice
International :: network of networks... Isn't that was internet stands for?
Disappointment :: I'm dissapointed in alot of things
Sponsor :: fund
Second :: third

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I really like this one. Nice picture, it's sad that the people on the bench don't realize that they aren't alone. Of course if I were on that bench, I would be too scared to talk to them.

I'm really terrible. I wish I could stop blaming people (I never directly blame them, just in my head and journals) for whatever happens to me. A lot of it is my fault., I bring this upon myself.

Ah major headache. My eyes sting also. I wont stay on for long then. Oh gremlins... Anyway... When summer comes, I'm thinking of cutting my hair shorter, see what happens. I wont tell anyone until the deed is done. Then get my mom or sister to even it off. I feel like Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite.

Bleh. Did I ever say that mom and Steve (boyfriend) aren't together anymore? Well they aren't, he still lives here though. Unfortunately. I feel ashamed at how much I hate my family. Really hate them. Not that teenage crap where "Oh I hate them because they wont let me do whatever". I really hate them. There are terrible people in my family, and I've become one of them.

Pretty bracelet to cheer me up:

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Every Sunday, I make sure I check out PostSecret. Unless I'm somewhere else, then I try for Monday. This week, this one caught my eye. I don't know if I feel the same. I do hope that person doesn't forget what they wrote on their postcard. Also I love the idea, w/ the ruby slippers.


I had an interesting dream last night/this morning. Somewhere towards the end, I got a phone call (the voice sounded strangely like my tech teacher). He said that I was going to be put into an institution for teens, since I was apparently clinically depressed. Which is wierd, because I seemed happy in the dream. Except at one point when this guy w/ special powers was attacking me and 'kept trying to freeze my arms and legs. He was hot though, he didn't seem to want to hurt me, it was like he had a job to do. Anyway, he (my teacher) named a institution, but said my mom could pick another. But I had to go.

Then I was there, and put into a group w/ four guys who were all part of a band. We were in a padded cell room, and they were performing for me as sort of a welcoming party. Aw. I don't think we were in the cell because we were crazy, but so no one outside could hear and be bothered.

Then we were in the cafeteria. Two things I remember vividly: the guitarist, and how he walked away to do something. He was really tall, had a blue beanie/touque/whatever, and bright shaggy blue hair. And I remember what I got: some kind of rice/noodle dish, chicken, and wierd goopey stuff. I skipped the spring rolls and the ham for some reason. I looked at them for a minute as if I were remembering something, then shook my head and walked away.

Well, today is Easter Sunday. My sister and grama will be coming over. I know my grama will have something to complain about. Aw my cats look so cute on the knew couch set. They looked great on the old one, because the old ones was a dark colour, so they contrasted. I think they are more comfy on this set.

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Mar. 26th, 2006 07:09 am
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My weekend hasn't been going the way I psuedo-planned it. Ah well.

This isn't mine, it's just... Yeah.

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Another great postsecret. I voted at the "Bloggies". Such a cute name...

50 Random Facts )

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Amazing Post Secret today:

Exams start Thursday.

I'm sick of these people. Let's run away together...

Behind Blue Eyes )

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